Ronnie Coleman Shared a Very Optimistic Message

Ronnie Coleman Shared a Very Optimistic Message

Recently Ronnie Coleman had a trauma at home that led to another unplanned surgery. This sad news made lots of Ronnie’s fans and friends very upset and seriously worried. The sportsman is fighting a very severe back disease, trying to return his ability to live an active life and to come back to training.

Unfortunately, Ronnie has had to undergo more than ten major surgeries since the end of his professional career a decade ago. Ronnie’s life is always a fight for success. While the first part of his life was a battle for becoming the number one in bodybuilding. This time he’s struggling for just being healthy.

Ronnie is a great example of an incredibly strong will and a strength of a human’s mind. This is true not only about his professional career but also about his current situation. No matter how severe and scary doctor’s prognosis and operations are, Coleman can always find a reason to smile, to stay positive and optimistic.

Even the unplanned surgery that simply ruined Ronnie’s hope for a fast recovery and successful rehabilitation didn’t make the sportsman desperate. Ronnie Coleman has always been honest with his fans and followers. He smiled on a hospital bed, trying not to think about his severe pain before his latest surgery and he keeps being very positive now after his return home.

Ronnie still has to wear uncomfortable bandages and supportive constructions that are needed after the surgery. However, he doesn’t think that this can be an obstacle for having some family fans and adventures.

Coleman calmed his fans down, telling that he’s feeling much better. The sportsman shared a heartwarming photo of himself spending a great time with his kids in McDonald’s. The sportsman is very optimistic now. He believes that the latest surgery will become the last one and he won’t return to the hospital anymore. He also promised his fans to be especially careful and to avoid any possible traumas.

The former bodybuilder and the most famous Olympia winner has made thousands of his fans wonder with demonstrating his inner strength and great character again.


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