Sergi Constance Showed Exercises That Helped Him To Make His Muscles Shredded

Sergi Constance Showed Exercises That Helped Him To Make His Muscles Shredded

Becoming a champion of the Olympia contest is not the only way to win an army of fans. Sergi Constance is still on his way to the Olympia top, however, he’s already known to many people.

The reason for that is his active social position and great social accounts that contain a lot of useful tips and sports tutorials. However, there’s something else that differs Sergi from a great number of average bodybuilders and fitness gurus. He has got an unbelievably shredded body with massive muscles and classy proportions.

Many sports fans say that the only reason for that is a lucky combination of genes that Sergi has. However, the sportsman himself has a different explanation. Sergi says that genetics plays a role in building a great body. That’s actually a proven fact that no one can deny!

However, the bodybuilder also says that there is a set of special exercises, without which his body would never look the same shredded and lean. Sergi believes that the right training strategy and balanced nutrition are those aspects that can be much more important than genetics.

The sportsman is used to share a lot from his training routine with his fans and those who are interested in the sport. That’s why he never keeps the exercises he speaks about in a secret. The sportsman makes a lot of videos showing nearly all of his great workouts. He’s also always happy to teach his auditory about some useful and effective tips for building an amazing body and great physique.

Watching Sergi’s new video, fans of the sportsman can easily check if the same exercises are able to bring the same great results to other sportsmen.


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