Shawn Rhoden Told He Was Going to Start 2019 With Great Deals And Big Plans

Shawn Rhoden Told He Was Going to Start 2019 With Great Deals And Big Plans

Shawn Rhoden is a person who has a reason to remember 2018 forever. Last year he won the greatest bodybuilding competition becoming Mr. Olympia for the first time in his sports career. The great victory became a pleasant surprise for the sportsman and his fans.

Now Shawn is enjoying his fame and success. However, the closer the next competition is the more worried the bodybuilder looks. Shawn understands that even keeping his great physique and working really hard doesn’t guarantee a victory of 2019 Olympia.

It looks like this year, the contest is going to be very hard and very intriguing. Phil Heath who used to be Mr. Olympia before Shawn’s victory is working hard to return his crown. Big Ramy has serious intention to return his leading position after finishing fifth last year. Moreover, the intrigue is constantly warmed up by gossips about Kai Greene’s return.

It looks like Shawn has enough reasons to worry. However, the sportsman tries to stay calm and positive. He told that 2018 was a great year, however, he was also ready to meet 2019 with all its possible challenges.

Shawn feels some presser but he tries to think positively about the valuable experience that the possible challenges may bring to his life.

Speaking about his plans, the sportsman told that his current aim is to do what looks correct, to support people around him, to be kind and helpful. Shawn believes that life is more than just another bodybuilding competition there are also other things that are not less important.

However, career goals are taking one of the leading places in the plan of the sportsman. He told that he had already started to prepare for the upcoming season of the competitions and is not going to upset his fans. Whether Shawn wins the competition again or not, he is very sure that he will demonstrate a great physique.


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