“So it begins… Thank you Jesus… My first step” – Flex Wheeler

“So it begins… Thank you Jesus… My first step” – Flex Wheeler.

Bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler is improving day by day since his major surgery to remove part of his right leg.

Since his operation, Flex Wheeler has been keeping all his fans up-to-date on all his progress.

From starting to train again for the first time after surgery to now taking his first steps thanks to a prosthetic leg.

If you have been following the career of Flex Wheeler, you know it has not been a easy one. Flex has been through many life threatening ordeals and he never gives up.

Yes, what happened to Flex would practically destroy the normal person, but we believe even after such a major change in his life, he will still contribute to the bodybuilding and fitness world.

Messages of support flooded his Facebook and Instagram pages the minute he posted a photo of his first steps.

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