Steve Cook Lost Weight Significantly!

Steve Cook Lost Weight Significantly!

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First session back after time off. Felt great to be following the @fitnessculturetraining swole program again. Make sure to hit the 👍🏼 like button if you want to see more of these training videos. Thanks for the love Focusing on the centric part of each exercise. Three seconds on the way down and squeezing as hard as I could at the top. Chest Day. Three seconds on the eccentric part of each rep. ➡️Incline Dumbbell bench. 4 warm-up sets followed by 3 working sets. Hitting failure in 8 to 12 reps range. squeezing for a half second at the top of each rep. ➡️ incline dumbbell fly. Notice how my butt is out of the seat. Arching my back and controlling the DB. 3 sets 8-12 reps. ➡️ Close grip bench press. I like to go just about shoulder width apart. 3×8-12 reps. ➡️Decline DB Reverse key-press. keeping this slow and controlled supinating at the top and squeezing. 3×10 super set with Body weight dips. 🔥Also, our eight week transformation challenge is currently available to sign up for. No matter what your goal is we give you the workouts and nutrition mobility and access to our private Facebook group. We will be picking the top five winners to join us on the Fitness Culture retreat April 17th. Link in bio

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