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We’ve researched, studied or tested tons of fat burners on the market this year. To see what works and what doesn’t.

Our top 3 products are current market leaders, and the ingredients they use are top of the line. Offering a truly effective product to help you cut back unwanted fat, revealing the shredded and strong physique hiding underneath.

Here’s how we decide which products make our top 3 fat burner list:

What to Look For in a Fat Burner

Researched Backed Formula

There are hundreds of fat burning ingredients available on the market currently. Thousands even. And with so many available, companies are trying to sell them using any ingredient they can. The fact is though, only a handful of ingredients truly work.

Generally, if you want results, companies should be able to offer multiple studies as evidence supporting each ingredient they use in their formula.

It’s that simple. If an ingredient has 1 study conducted on 3 rats, then it’s probably not worth adding in to a formula. As it won’t work.

If you’re unsure, then check the footnotes or research the ingredient yourself. You don’t have to trust us.

Scientific Research

Full Disclosure on Fat Burners

Coupled with the above, you want products that show you exactly what you are buying on the label. Avoid products that contain missing ingredients or the label doesn’t contain accurate measurements, this could lead to a whole lot of annoying side effects.

If you’re wanting to know more about a company and blend, then you should always request a full set of supplement facts from the company.

Although if it’s not listed straight away on their site. It’s probably not worth your money.
fat burner manufacture

Manufacturing Standards

Always look for products that at very least meet cGMP standards. cGMP means that the facility in which the supplement was made has met baseline safety standards and is safe for consumption.

By only buying cGMP approved products you ensure the below:

  • Zero cross contamination with other products created on the premises
  • Manufacturers ensure that each capsule has an equal blend of each ingredient
  • All supplements and ingredients are stored correctly

Top Products

Below are the current market leaders for fat burning products.

#1 ShredCBD

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2019’s leading fat loss product, that can be stacked with most other supplements

About ShredCBD

ShredCBD is taking the fat burner market by surprise and offering a fresh new approach to weight loss, whilst also being a product that can provide a massive amount of other benefits to a persons lifestyle.

ShredCBD has been growing in popularity and is now a product that is an essential supplement to aid fat loss, and keep it off. All whilst offering benefits to health, sleep and other aspects of a persons life.

The reviews of ShredCBD led to the following conclusions on this exciting fat burner:

  • Can help reduce your appetite – ShredCBD offers the potential to stop you reaching into the cupboard and snacking
  • Contains green tea – ShredCBD contains Green Tea which is widely considered to be on of the leading natural fat burners available and backed by scientific studies.
  • Helps with fat browning – CBD is a natural well to make it easier for your body to burn through stored fat and use it as fuel
  • Has anti anxiety and pro sleep properties – ShredCBD can help you rest better, recover better and make weight loss more comfortable
  • Comes with 60 capsules per bottle
  • Ships directly and quickly and FREE from inside the United States
  • Amazing customer support
  • Comes with a free 24 page scientific guide to fat loss.

Our Experience:

Trialling ShredCBD for 2 months with out reasonably active lifestyle and fairly well restricted diet (everyone slips up sometimes) meant we achieved results that were very surprising, giving the simplicity of this products blend.

We lost a good amount of weight, were able to control our cravings much better and also slept incredibly well, with a big reduction in our day to day stress. Another thing which kept us feeling good and shedding pounds.

  • Reduced Appetite
  • Good fat loss and, importantly, sustained fat loss!
  • Fantastic sleep and recovery for exercise
  • More motivated to train

Despite testing other fat burners, we have stuck with ShredCBD as an essential product in our daily routine as it stacks with other products easily and without issue and provides amazing results even when you’re not cutting.

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#2 Hunter Burn

A newcomer to the market which uses premium ingredients and is making waves in the industry

About Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is one of the latest supplements to come from specialist supplement company Roar Ambition. It is a product built around the highest quality premium ingredients, each delivered at a high dose to ensure maximum fat loss results.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing about Hunter Burn as it’s a relatively new product, but reviews online already pin it as a market leading thermogenic and appetite suppressant.

We checked online reviews to find out an overview of the effects of Hunter Burner:

  • Potentially boosts your metabolic rate
  • Some appetite reduction properties
  • Can help with fat storage from carbs
  • Gives you a natural boost of energy
  • Fast delivery and good customer support

Our Experience:

We liked Hunter Burn. It gave us a more obvious first effect than ShredCBD, but didn’t leave us with a high level of jitters. We spent the last few days supplementing both products side by side, which isn’t cheap, but was a fat burning powerhouse.

We used Hunter Burn with HIIT training, a restricted calorie diet and some weight training. Our recovery wasn’t as good as with ShredCBD, and we only trailed the product for 30 days.

  • More energy (like a coffee)
  • Some fat loss
  • Slight crash in afternoon energy levels
  • High quality ingredients meant no side effects
  • Appetite Reduction

Hunter Burn is a highly effective fat burner, it’s just a shame it comes with such a heavy price tag. If you’re put off by this, you could always take a look at Roar Ambitions other product, Instant Knockout here. There are similarities between the two, but IKO is cheaper, and less effective.


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#3 Performix SST

A fair and dependable product, available in a few different options 

Value $$

About Performix SST

Last in our list of current top 3 fat burners is Performix’s SST. This a fairly solid product that’s been around for a while, and whilst it’s not as up to date and as effective as the other products on the list, is easy to use and widely available.

Performix contains a fairly good blend of natural ingredients and has been known to give some good results.

Online reviews of Performix SST Original said:

  • Simple to use
  • Fast delivery
  • Lots of ingredients
  • Improves focus

Our Experience

We tried Performix SST for 20 days and found it to be a good supplement for heavy workouts and provided good focus and mental energy.

We didn’t shred as such whilst using this product, but it certainly gave us some good energy whilst we were in our calorie deficit.

  • High energy and some jitters (Good pre workout elements)
  • Big amount of ingredients in the formula
  • Focused exercise performance

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