The Famous Coach of Shawn Rhoden Commented on Online Training and Instagram Gurus

The Famous Coach of Shawn Rhoden Commented on Online Training and Instagram Gurus

Talking about reasons that made Shawn Rhoden win the Olympia competition this year, it would be simply unfair to forget about Psycho Fitness. The hard work of Rhoden, his great motivation and solid desire to become a winner were not the only conditions for his victory. There was also the expertise of his coach that made Shawn dethrone Phil Heath after his long-lasting reign.

Psycho Fitness is more than a talented trainer, he’s also an important sports guru that is always ready to educate his followers about the sport and to comment on some trending events.

After taking a short break from numerous interviews and social activities, that was probably caused by the impressive victory of his sportsman Shawn Rhoden, Psycho Fitness is back with a new interview. This time the coach decided to drive his attention to the issue of online sports gurus and internet coaches.

The Instagram gurus and online coaches are becoming more and more popular, gathering thousands of people that hope to get great expert advice and guidelines for losing weight or creating a hot-looking body.

What does make online coaching so attractive? Perhaps, an idea of getting assistance from a popular coach or a sportsman no matter where you stay. Moreover, dealing with an online coach you simply have to pay less money than you’d pay for a coach in your gym.

However, online coaching is not only about some great pluses, but it also has a lot of problems that often stay unrevealed.

Psycho Fitness decided that it’s time to tell the truth about online coaching. The trainer of the current Mr. Olympia told everything that he knew about the internet sports coaching and shared some great advice to those who want to have a great body without spending a fortune on a coach.

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