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THE ROCK IS NAMED MAN OF THE CENTURY AT MR OLYMPIA 2016 Age | Height | Weight | Bio | Images | Workouts and Diet Plans

The Rock Mr Olympia

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been named Man of the Century receiving a Joe Weider Icon Award at Mr Olympia 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada. The most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment and perhaps all of entertainment is expected to bring a whole new appeal to the Mr Olympia event following the award and his partnership with Seven Bucks Productions. Recognized as an icon in the fitness world, The Rock was awarded the inaugural trophy on stage before delivering the Olympia Sandow trophy to 6 time champion Phil Heath.

Flew to Vegas to also come and support The Olympia, its competitors to say THANK YOU to a few of my close friends.. I have the honor to receive the prestigious ICON AWARD tonight on the Olympia stage. The health, fitness and bodybuilding universe is one that runs deep in my blood and bones and I’m fired up for the evolution we at Seven Bucks Productions are going to help usher in. And for the record I have no idea what the hell I’m doing with my fingers in this video as I’m counting down. Don’t judge me I was moved by the fans insane hyped energy.

The Rock Mr Olympia 2016

Man of the Century acceptance speech is off to a good start when a dude yells, “Take it off!” Followed by my, “there’s good weed in Vegas.” Incredible night and an electric crowd. Thank you for all the love!


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The Rock Mr Olympia
Honored and very cool to receive the first ever MAN OF THE CENTURY ICON Award at this years OLYMPIA.
Long before any champion is made on the field, court, boxing or wrestling ring and MMA cage.. it all starts with the hard work we put in with our own two hands in the weight room. And long after champions and athletes retire, we always always return to where it all started – the weight room.
Thank you David Pecker and the entire AMI team. Thank you to Papa Jim Manion and the Manion family as well as the entire IFBB family. Thank you to every athlete in the game who outwork their competition daily and are always the hardest workers in the room. It’s my privilege to rep us and our world of health and fitness.
Big things coming from us at Seven Bucks Productions. Evolution of the sport and health and fitness.
And biggest thank you of all goes to the fans. Always say I have the greatest fans in the world… and I do. Truth. Luv you back and thank you!




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