The Son Of Arnold Schwarzenegger is Ready To Compete in Bodybuilding Like His Father

The Son Of Arnold Schwarzenegger is Ready To Compete in Bodybuilding Like His Father

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the 7-time Mr. Olympia champion. Will his son Joseph Baena repeat his success? 21-year-old Joseph Baena made bodybuilding his main passion, just like his father. The world of bodybuilding is really competitive and it’s not enough to be the son of the 7-time Mr. Olympia champion to become one of the greatest.

Joseph Baena has perfect genetics to do his best. Check Baena’s Arnie-like chest post below.

That pose was one of the most popular poses of Arnold Schwarzenegger, while his chest was one of the most iconic in the history of bodybuilding. We can truly notice Baena resembles his father. However, being natural he won’t see Arnold 2.0 for now.  His progress is still incredible.

 “In this pic, a year ago, I was just under 185lbs (83kg). This is the moment I decided I wanted to pursue bodybuilding”.

Here is what bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger says about his son’s decision to become a bodybuilder:

 “Yeah, yeah, he is very serious about this whole thing. He wants to compete in one of the classic physique competitions …

“He’s training very hard … I’m a big believer in also training for strength … I put it on 455 and he did two reps. I saw him do one and I was like, ‘Go for the second one, Joseph”.

Arnold wants his son to finish college and get his education first, but he supports him in his passion for bodybuilding.

Baena is still very young and who knows, he might change his mind and choose another path in his life.

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