This Siberian has no fear of heights

Oleg Sherstyachenko more known like Oleg Cricket is absolutely not afraid of heights.

The 25-year-old fan of parkour Oleg Sherstyachenko from Yekaterinburg, Russia became a true master of his craft – together with a group of fellow-minded guys he organized a show that became famous in many countries.

Dangerous tricks on the edge of skyscrapers is the ordinary and, most importantly, favorite Oleg’s occupation. His hobby became a professional activity and a source of income for an average Russian teenager (Oleg started studying parkour at the age of 14).

IG: @olegcricket

All his stunts are shared on IG page which today counts over 880k followers. All the shooting Cricket does without any safety harness, every time risking to break from the stunning heights.

1520622204_814_this-siberian-has-no-fear-of-heights-1 This Siberian has no fear of heights
IG: @olegcricket

He talks about his experience in RedBull interview: “I moved to a big city (Yekaterinburg) when I was 17. I started to have a dream – I wanted a successful career. I developed bigger goals and started working hard towards them. It was a very important turning point. I gained independence from my parents and became my own man.

I guess I’m different from other people, but I don’t focus on it. Instead, I focus on putting all my energy into achieving my dreams. The audience only sees the results, but the most important for me is the hard work and the efforts I’m putting into everything I do. I live with passion and just have to keep going. I’m happy knowing that I’m giving my very best.”

Did you like to see me doing tricks on hooverboard again? Even though it was raining, I did it again. This time I used @polaris_home hooverboard.

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Oleg Cricket has been involved in roofing for more than a year. During this time, he became a significant figure in the subculture of the roofers.

Oleg, together with friends, performs in the show “Bankai Organization”, whose director is Ivan Korchemkin. Cricket goes as the main character in it. The film crew shot exciting footage on the roofs of more than 50 buildings from different corners of the planet.

I have no fear #olegcricket

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In December 2016, Oleg with the operator was detained by the Canadian police. The reason was a video shot on the roof of a skyscraper in Toronto. The roofer was charged with “improper behavior, hacking, and penetration into private territory.”

I promised to show #nophotoshop

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What is more, the Youtube viewers were shocked by the video posted on April 5, 2017, which shows Cricket jumps, somersaulting, on the top of a sports car running at a crazy speed.

Cricket even had experience in teaching the basics of roofing. His student was Viki Odintcova who was featured in our recent Top 10 lingerie models.

Ответы на интересующие вас вопросы возможно вы найдёте здесь. Это не видео под музыку от которого у вас сложится обо мне не самое хорошее мнение, это рубрика "За кадром". Девочка в видео @viki_odintcova на самом деле в порядке и вполне адекватна. Зачем мы это делали? Я не знаю, мы не думали о том, что будет потом. Я не был человеком, который предложил эту идею. Это видео о том как все происходит на самом деле. Я всегда делаю только то, в чем уверен и не прыгаю выше своих амбиций. Я не хочу больше держать чью-то жизнь в своей руке и потихоньку остываю. Я давным давно доказал и сам собой доволен, надеюсь вы успеваете за мной. Дальше будет интересней и ярче. Мир всем тем, кто является до сих дней моим подписчиком. Только глупец будет повторять увиденное, правда, в этом нет ничего крутого, это опасно. Берегите себя. #endless

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Once he was asked, “Is there anything you wouldn’t do?” (RedBull):

“I have a tattoo that says: ‘People who think that I’m not afraid while I’m doing all these stunts, are crazier than I am.’ I don’t have a death wish. I’m just like everyone else, in pursuit of my dreams and life goals. It just so happened that my dreams and fantasies impress many people. But I would never do anything completely stupid or would risk something for nothing. It’s not worth it.”

Did you like to see me doing tricks on hooverboard again? Even though it was raining, I did it again. This time I used @polaris_home hooverboard.

A post shared by ᴏʟᴇɢ ᴄʀɪᴄᴋᴇᴛ (@olegcricket) on Jun 1, 2017 at 4:55am PDT

Я мог бы продолжить делать тоже самое но зачем? I could have continued to do the same but for what?

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ˢᶜᴱᴺᴱ ᶠᴿᴼᴹ ᴹᵞ ᶠᵁᴸᴸ ᵛᴵᴰᴱᴼ , ᴴᴼᵂ ᴬᴹ ᴵ ˢᵀᴵᴸᴸ ᴬᴸᴵᵛᴱ ? ᴵ ᴰᴼᴺ'ᵀ ᴷᴺᴼᵂ , ᴹᴬᵞᴮᴱ ᴵ'ᴹ ᴵᴹᴹᴼᴿᵀᴬᴸ ? #nophotoshop #KanyeWest #olegcricket

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