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Two years after his death – Dallas McCarver remembered

Two years after his death – Dallas McCarver remembered.

It has been two years to this day (22 August 2017) when the bodybuilding world was brought to its knees with the shocking news of the death Dallas McCarver.

Dallas died suddenly at the age of 26. He was just finishing a training session with his best friend Josh Lenartowicz.

Dallas has not been forgotten and the bodybuilding world is using social media to express their feelings and memory of this gentle giant.

All had the same words to say about Dallas. He was great with children, always smiling, joking around and finally he loved bodybuilding.

Friends, fellow athletes and business partners truly miss Dallas and not one day goes by without them thinking about him.

Below are some of the messages about Dallas:

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Another year gone by and it’s still a hard thought to get my head around, they say time heals all and I have to agree to some extend but anyone close to Dallas this day is always one of very happy memories filed with tears. – I met @dallasmccarver as a teen, he was a big boy then build like a football player, I later would hear more about “Dallas” through the rumbles of the Tennessee industry, with us both then living in Tennessee I would hear (and what I thought were fabricated story’s) about how strong this “kid” was, yet I really didn’t know just how big he had got also since we last met. Needless to say it was ALL true! – Several years passed and we connected on a few occasions but it was only until I signed with BSN that I got to see the real Dallas. He was signed to BSN a year before myself, he was young and was given a opportunity and thrown into the mix with no guidance about the other side of the sport, travels, fans, long booth days, I would see him in between talking to my fans sitting there wanting to work and no one knew him, he wasn’t rude or ignorant he was shy. I started to see myself in him at his age, soon I found my role would be somewhat of a mentor to him, we spoke hours upon hours about the business of bodybuilding, balance and his personal goals and dreams, we never spoke ever about training or diets, in all honesty had no interest, his main focus was being the Best Pro on stage and off for his fans, on his interaction and working on his confidence….. He later went on to have some the biggest lines in any expo!!!!! – Everyone reading this has there own stories and please if you feel the need add below. – I could write so much but know that he has a massive impact on my life, in the short time he was on this earth and around me and my family. I learned so much about myself even though I thought I was teaching him. This young man is missed daily. If Aladdin’s Genie give me a wish but couldn’t bring him back, it be to have one last brutal workout where we would end on our backs as usual laughing in pain just like the old times. Rest well Big Little Brother

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Dallas loved kids. He had no problem getting down on the ground to play with Asher or Aaden. I remember when he passed, after I got past the shock, I thought “What am I going to tell Asher?” – he loved him so much. He was a good friend and he loved to have fun. Many a Dallas impression was done daily here at the office on the days he wasn’t here, it almost felt like he was always here. He wasn’t just an athlete, he was an integral part of the Redcon1 family. If it wasn’t for his initial belief in business, and willingness to move across the country, I am not sure where we’d be right now. His belief in our eventual success helped me believe Redcon1 was going to work, no-matter-what. His absence is still felt in the office, even after two years, but his spirit still drives us to push hard. Dallas was someone who lived life to the fullest and gave everything he had to his passion, and we honor him daily by doing the same. Miss you Big Guy. @dallasmccarver

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Man I tell ya when I first met Dallas back when he first started making noise in our industry while training with Hany Rambod I remember thinking “this kid has an amazing talent”. Initially someone would think I was speaking of JUST his physique which was obviously impressive, but what I was referring to was his ability to connect with others, bringing forth such an exuberant light that it was only a matter of time he would be Mr Olympia. Watching Dallas evolve was so magical and glorious because of how he truly knew who he was, what he wanted in life and how unafraid he was to achieve it. He was definitely a “gentle Giant” but had the ferociousness necessary to achieve one’s own personal greatness which is probably why I connected with him so much. It still saddens me at times that he is no longer here on this Earth, but when I get bummed, I for some reason feel that energy to stay positive. In fact, I have felt him many times during heavy weight sessions and being that person he wanted to replace as Mr Olympia, I had no choice but to oblige him and go a little harder each rep. Dallas, I know you’re up there enjoying life and I say this with all due respect to anyone reading. “You were the heir apparent” but God wanted you and needed you for something much much bigger, so I continue to pray that when that time comes even for me to pass on that you’ll hook ya big homie up to the coolest set of equipment up there and we can resume our laughter and such. Thank you all for reading this and for anyone sad or upset just remember that he never wanted us to be upset, just look at his smile and how electric it is. Love to all!!!! #RestInPower #dallasmccarver

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2 years and it still feels like yesterday it all happened, the day we lost you. Man do i remember the shit we use to do at the booths together, side conversations about country shit, football, or just every day life stuff. I’ll never forget the passion you had for bodybuilding, or the way your eyes lit up when a kid came to take a picture with you bc of your love for children. I knew u when u first turned pro and when u hit your last pose on stage. I watched u go from North Americans Champ, to one of the best bodybuilders in the world, I watched u go from someone people didn’t know and questioned “how goods this kid going to be,” to one of the most liked people and one that would of been crowned #MrOlympia one day. You are missed big bro, but your memories, words, and impact you had on all of us still shines bright every day. You are missed every single day, but your spirit lives on inside us all. Keep watching down and protecting us from up above, until we meet again my friend. I love ya big bro. RIP @dallasmccarver

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