Unstoppable Ronnie Coleman is Back To Training With Weights

Unstoppable Ronnie Coleman is Back To Training With Weights

The more you know about Ronnie Coleman the more he looks like a superhero to you! If a decade ago everyone wondered how he managed to go from one of the weakest Olympia contestants to a many-times champion of the competition. Now, everyone is impressed by the power of Coleman’s character while he fights his severe disease.

Just a couple of months ago Ronnie had his 10th back surgery. The situation was so bad that doctors told he could never get back on his feet. However, Ronnie looked very positive and full of hope to return to his routine life and training routine as soon as possible.

Two weeks after the latest of his surgeries, Ronnie was already seen in his gym, exercising. His fans were pleasantly shocked and inspired by Ronnie’s example. However, many of them were also worried if the training could harm the sportsman’s health. Coleman explained that he was banned from training with weights due to his health issues but he decided to make some cardio exercises to stay feet even in the hardest time.

Now it looks like doctors allowed Ronnie to work with weights again. The sportsman shared a video showing him making some sets with weights in the gym. It was visible that currently the sportsman decided to lift light weights that are much lighter than those he used to work with before the surgery. Nevertheless, it’s a great example of an unbreakable will and the purest love and devotion to the sport that has ever been seen before.

The video has quickly become one of the internet hits and was called one of the most inspirational videos ever.


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