VIDEO: Martins Licis Teach Larry Wheels How To Flip a 1,100 Pound Tire!

VIDEO: Martins Licis Teach Larry Wheels How To Flip a 1,100 Pound Tire!

The strongman has also trained with Hafthor Bjornsson, World’s Strongest Man.

Larry Williams is one of those powerlifters who adore inspiring and surprising others. He is so known for being able to lift incredible volumes and holding his world records. Moreover, Wheels can manage tremendous loads in movements he is new to! For example, recently he shows an incredible 500lb snatch grip push press.

By the way, Larry shared his plans to compete in strongman competition this year. After his training with Hafthor Bjornsson in Iceland, Larry is back to the United States and currently, is training with another World’s Strongman competitor Martins Licis. Let’s recall that Martins has recently won the first competition in the Arnold Strongman USA series. Moreover, Licis holds a world record for Steinborn squat and is a winner of Mas Wrestling World Championship in 2017.

Martins Licis posted his YouTube video where he works with Wheels on honing technique in many disciplines. Larry Williams tries heavy tire flips for the first time in his life and takes the 1.100 lb behemoth of Licis.

Such tire flips require technique, strength, speed, timing, and explosiveness.

Check out how Wheels tries his first tire-flip training!



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