2020 Arnold Classic USA

WATCH: 2020 Arnold Classic: Big Ramy, Dexter and Bonac updates

WATCH: 2020 Arnold Classic: Big Ramy, Dexter and Bonac updates.

The 2020 Arnold Classic USA is just about five weeks away and the excitement for this show has already started to hit a higher level.

The top athletes are starting to increase their social media presence with training footage and photos.

In this feature we focus on Big Ramy, Dexter Jackson and William Bonac.

Big Ramy

Big Ramy has recently published two more training videos via his sponsors Youtube page.

Big Ramy revealed footage of his shoulder, legs and abs routine.

Dexter Jackson

Dexter also revealed some footage in his social media of his leg workouts with the ‘Godfather of Bodybuilding’ Charles Glass.

Dexter will be hoping to extend his record of the most victories before he eventually retires from the sport.

William Bonac

William Bonac is also one of the favorites to win the title.

Bonac published footage via his sponsors Youtube page showing what he eats in one day.

As well, Bonac released a photo on his Instagram page of a back shot showing the beginning of the famous Christmas Tree showing.

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