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WATCH: Big Ramy in contest shape as he plans for 2020

WATCH: Big Ramy in contest shape as he plans for 2020.

Big Ramy, a contender to eventually lift the Mr. Olympia will be missing from the 2019 Line-up.

After placing second to Phil Heath in 2017, Big Ramy fell to a disappointing sixth place in 2018.

A shoulder injury caused Ramy to lose over 40lbs in his prep for the 2019 Mr. Olympia.

Finishing in sixth meant that Big Ramy had to qualify for his place on the 2019 Mr. Olympia stage, but due to injury, Big Ramy failed to qualify.

After a short stint with trainer Neil Hill, Big Ramy decided to train on his own as he confirmed in his latest message on his official social media.

Big Ramy also made it clear that he wanted to qualify for the Olympia on his own merit and not by a special invitation.

The latest video of Big Ramy is evidence that he is already focused on getting his 2020 Olympia qualification as soon as he can.

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Here we are guys olympia weekend ahead of us…i wanna wish a great competition to all my fellow athletes…i will be watching you guys.. @mrolympiallc is the greatest bodybuilding show in the world im proud and blessed to have stepped on this stage so many times…unfortunately you all know i couldnt make it to this great stage this year cuz of a shoulder injury that made me loose 40 pounds…but im blessed to be back in this shape and i prepped this year as if im going to step on this stage without ever asking for an invitation out of justice towards all the guys that competed in so many shows to collect points…some people will think its crazy to do this without competing…but i believe that as a Pro ifbb bodybuilder aiming to be the best in the world no matter if i compete or not i can’t allow myself a year off cuz bodybuilding is a lifestyle and the more prep i do the less mistake i will possibly do in a near future…life is a lesson for those who wanna learn… i need to thank all my fans for their support and my sponsor @dragonpharma_llc for the amazing job they are doing and the chemistry we are having now and for the many years to come.. And for all the guys that asked…yes i did prep by myself 😉💪 @teambigramy #bigramy #teambigramy #dragonpharma #teamdragonpharma #mrolympia #bodybuilding

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