2019 Olympia Weekend

WATCH: Brandon Curry escapes injury during training

WATCH: Brandon Curry escapes injury during training.

Brandon Curry avoided disaster yesterday while training at Oxygen Gym.

Brandon is one of the favorites to win the 2019 Mr. Olympia title in less than two weeks.

A video was posted a video on his official Instagram page that showed the incident as it happened.

In the same video, Brandon explains he only suffered a small knock on his head and a scratched thumb.

Curry was very lucky to escape serious injury as he could of easily injured his back or neck.

This would have been a devastating blow for the Olympia Weekend if Brandon was injured, as the 2019 Olympia Weekend is already missing a number is stars including defending champion Shawn Rhoden.

Brandon Curry explains the incident:
Yesterday I had a scary/ embarrassing moment during training
Yes, just yesterday during my final exercise, I pull a machine over on top of myself. Once the stack got up so high it made the machine too heavy, as I was performing overhead triceps extensions. Thank God I walked away uninjured just a bump and scrap. Life is uncertain. Things can be going great one second and not so great the other. God is always in control of it all and what can been seen as bad is often for our good. We can’t allow ourselves to get so focus on life we forget about the life giver. Should out to @kuwaitbodybuilding for getting this on film. #noweapon #stayhumble

Flex Lewis was the first to comment:
First i am glad your okay mate!!!!!!! But Damn B what they feeding you that you ripping machines outta the ground? Surround this guy in a bubble until Vegas 

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