WATCH: “Chad Nicholls has blood on his hands” – Shawn Ray

WATCH: “Chad Nicholls has blood on his hands” – Shawn Ray.

Patrick Bet-David is back to publishing the best interviews when it comes to bodybuilding.

After very successful interviews with Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath, Brandon Curry and Flex Wheeler, his next guest is Shawn Ray.

A part on the interview was dedicated to steroids and drug abuse in bodybuilding.

Shawn Ray is known to not hold back and in this interview, Shawn will definitely shock the bodybuilding world with his latest comments.

The subject of Chad Nicholls was brought up and immediately Shawn started to shoot him down.

Shawn blames Chad for almost killing Ronnie Coleman and seriously injuring a number of other pro bodybuilders such as Flex Wheeler, Don Long, Tom Prince and others.

The most shocking part of the interview was Shawn Ray accusing Chad Nicholls of contributing to the deaths of Don Youngblood, Nasser el Sonbaty, Dallas McCarver and others.

Shawn said he continued to lose respect for Chad as he never went to the funerals of his former clients that passed away.

Shawn said that he was approached by Chad when he was at the top of his game and refused his services.

At the 1998 Mr. Olympia, Shawn revealed that he and Kevin Levrone tried to keep Chad away from the show.

Surely, Shawn will be praised and at the same time criticized for his comments.

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