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WATCH: Chanel Renee reveals what really happened to Rich Piana

WATCH: Chanel Renee reveals what really happened to Rich Piana.

It has been over two years since Rich Piana passed away.

Rich was one of the most popular bodybuilders in the modern day. Rich was not successful on stage, but he was very popular thanks to his genius social media work and making appearances all over the world promoting his brand.

Rich suddenly died on 25 August, 2017 after suffering a major heart attack.

There have been many false rumors on the cause of death. It was an easy target for these rumors to develop because he basically admitted to doing everything from steroids, recreational drugs and other dangerous activities.

Rich Piana’s former former partner (girlfriend) Chanel Renee, confirms in her latest interview with Aleksey Mokshyn that Rich did not pass away from using recreational drugs.

Chanel continues to reveal that she tried as much as possible to keep Rich clean and away from negative situations in regards to using recreational drugs.

Moments after his death, many blamed Rich Piana’s death on the use of cocaine, but in fact according to Chanal, the doctors confirmed Rich was snorting pre-workout. Snorting pre-workout was something Rich Piana always confirmed that it was something he did.

In the interview, Chanel gave one of the most detailed descriptions of what happened to Rich Piana from the moment he fell to the floor while getting a haircut by Chanel to the moment he took his last breath on 25 August, 2017.

Chanel also revealed that Rich has two other brothers. She said he never really talked about them much, but Rich loved his family very much.

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