WATCH: Dorian Yates – The Genius Scientist of Bodybuilding

WATCH: Dorian Yates – The Genius Scientist of Bodybuilding.

Patrick Bet-David, the owner of Valuetainment interviewed 6X Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.

This is not the first interview with a high profile bodybuilder by Patrick. Earlier this year, Phil Heath was also interviewed by Patrick.

As with all his interviews, Patrick asks the most controversial questions and holds nothing back with his guests.

Dorian was the perfect guest as he did not hold back from any of the questions.

As Dorian answers questions about every aspect of his career and personal life, one comment from Dorian caused some controversy.

Dorian was asked what he thought about the 2019 Mr. Olympia and his answer caused some controversy.

“I respect all the guys up there, all doing their best, but if I’m to be honest, and that’s pretty much always what I am, I feel the standard of the Olympia is not what it used to be. The whole thing’s diversified.

You’ve got all these different categories and classes and everything, but the Mr. Olympia, the pure bodybuilding itself..

You had three guys there that I guess they were pretty close. There were two guys in what I would say pretty good shape, you know? They were in great shape, but they were pretty small, William Bonac, and the guy from Iran [Hadi Choopan].

Very good, in good shape, but they’re small guys. So Brandon won it because, I believe, stronger stature. It’s bigger, it looks more like a Mr. Olympia, but he wasn’t in incredible shape. So I think it was probably one of the weaker Mr. Olympias that we’ve seen.”

When asked about Brandon Curry, the winner of the 2019 Mr. Olympia, Dorian again did not hold back when answering the question.

“Well he’s got very good fullness, good roundness to the muscles, and really no noticeable weak points in that pose. But he’s lacking deep separation, and conditioning that used to be the norm in the Mr. Olympia.”

Dorian also said that Brandon would not place in the top six in the era he dominated. Dorian continued by saying that Brandon contest condition was the condition he was in six weeks out from the Mr. Olympia.

Watch the full interview full below:

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