WATCH: “I will back competing in no time” – Shawn Rhoden

WATCH: “I will back competing in no time” – Shawn Rhoden. caught up with 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden as he was walking to his car.

Rhoden famously beat legendary bodybuilder Phil Heath for the Mr. Olympia title last year … but he was banned from this year’s contest after he was accused of rape.

When asked about his future plans, Shawn said a the moment he is “off”, but at the same time he said he will be “back to comping in no time.”

Regarding the Mr. Olympia, when Shawn was asked about if he will compete at the 2020 Mr. Olympia he raised his hands, giving the impression that the eligibility for him to compete at any future Mr. Olympia is not in his hands.

No news has come from the organizers of the Mr. Olympia if they will let Shawn Rhoden compete at their contest in the near future. Regarding any other Pro League competition, there has been no objection for Rhoden to compete.

The subject of Brandon Curry came up and Shawn said “That’s my boy, I wish him the best of luck.”

When asked what he has learned in the last couple of months, Shawn said “It’s a process” in relation to the long and complicated battle he has ahead of him.

Shawn also said he has full faith in his legal team to prove his innocence.

Shawn is very lucky he managed to find support from his main sponsors ‘Olimp’ and other partners. They stood by his side through all his negative press.

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