2019 Arnold Classic USA

Will Roelly Winklaar be ready for the 2019 Arnold Classic USA?

Roelly Winklaar Arnold Classic USA

Will Roelly Winklaar be ready for the 2019 Arnold Classic USA?

The excitement of the 2019 Arnold Sports Weekend is already hitting its peak just days before the event takes place.

Already, it has been a controversial week with Lionel Beyeke making the announcement that he will not be competing because of passport problems.

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Many in the industry are suggesting Lionel’s excuse is just a coverup for not being in shape.

Another big name has been making its rounds this week. Roelly Winklaar has been a name mentioned a number of times regarding his condition.

Footage of Roelly Winklaar guest posing has been makings its rounds.

The footage was filmed approximately 2-weeks out from the 2019 Arnold Classic.

Since then, no other footage or photos of Roelly has been published.

In the video, many are suggesting that Roelly looks as he is not ready to compete as he is still looking out of shape.

This may be true, but Dennis James discussed this on one of his Instagram Live chats.

Dennis said that it is possible that a bodybuilder such as Roelly Winklaar can be holding a lot of water due to traveling.

Dennis also went on to explain that, Winklaar can easily remove all that extra water and step on stage in fantastic condition.

Until the publishing of this article, Roelly Winklaar has given no indication that he is to skip the 2019 Arnold Classic USA.

Roelly is one of the favorites to challenge for the title, if he steps on stage in his best condition.

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